Stratego – Waterloo

Commemorate the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo with our premium board game.

Will you succeed in punching through Wellington's lines before the arrival of the Prussians or will you, as Napoleon did, 'Meet your Waterloo'?

Two hundred years ago, Napoleon was beaten by Wellington and Blucher at Waterloo. Relive and refight the Battle of Waterloo by leading your troops on as either Emperor Napoleon or the Duke of Wellington with our commemorative board game.

Play a full game (1-1½ hours) or a short skirmish.

Three levels of play – basic, standard or expert. 2 Players. Ages 10+

Contents: 1 Game Board, 47 Blue, 45 Red, 13 Black pieces, 1 Battle die, 2 Hill, 2 Mud, 3 Building tiles, 15 Maneuver and 6 Line of Retreat Cards, 12 Weakened Blocks, 6 Building counters, 3 Ownership flags, 1 Turn Counter and Rules.

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