Pure Canadian Ice Syrup

From the frozen Canadian winter we bring you our all-natural, non-alcoholic Ice Syrup.

Our unique taste sensation of Cabernet Franc and Vidal Ice Syrup is created in the Niagara Peninsula and can be used with unlimited versatility in both sweet and savory fare.

Perfect for your favourite gourmet!

100 ml (3.38 oz) each.

Product Code: E712

Package Includes

One 100 ml bottle each of Vidal Ice Syrup and Cabernet Franc Ice Syrup.

What is Ice Syrup?

Grapes are harvested and pressed while still frozen, yielding the intense flavour profile of Ice Syrup, uniquely created in the Niagara Peninsula. Naturally rich fruit flavours with an ideal sugar acid balance to match, Ice Syrup is produced by slowly evaporating freshly-pressed ice-wine juice until its sugar content and viscosity resemble that of maple syrup, the non-alcoholic product boasts a refreshing balance of sweetness and acidity. This syrup has rich initial flavours of apricot and plum, followed by the balanced acidity of tangerine and citrus notes, which lingers on the palate. This balance gives it a unique profile that can be used in many culinary creations.


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